Online stores have a data problem

The existence of an online store brings with it data on the purchasing behavior of customers. Their use must be understood by companies in order to monetarize the data along the customer lifecycle.

The simplified control from strategic management to operational execution within an organization creates rigid variables that are believed to drive an organization to the desired goal. In relation to data monetization, data is often collected where its use is unclear or misunderstood. As a result, false beliefs are created that miss the business goal.

The awareness of available tracking data must be given. Based on this, their use must be understood in order to monetize them appropriately.

How we solve the problem

Main objective
We promote online sales through direct response advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore the only goal for the online store is to achieve the desired target profitability.
By prioritizing the tracking data associated with the objective, the budget allocation is optimized and your profit is sustainably increased.
We use attribution models to analyze the impact of individual ads on profit. On Facebook and Instagram and across all channels through our selected attribution partner.
Because customers are usually not exclusively influenced by Facebook and Instagram when making a purchase decision, it is important to understand cross-channel attribution. We gladly integrate ourselves with existing attribution partners or take over this role on request.
CLV Optimization
Through the targeted segmentation of customer behavior data before and after the initial purchase, we create unique buying experiences that optimize the customer lifetime value of your customer base.
Our holistic approach to advertising on Facebook and Instagram builds trust and brand loyalty, increasing the value of your customer base.
Through structured data management processes, we create predictability for online stores and new opportunities in the use of tracking data.

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