The Power of Email Marketing in combination with Facebook Ads

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Gaining first relevant insights about an unknown target group and making the first sale are the most difficult hurdles for an eCommerce shop. Afterwards the advertising prices are lower, and it is much easier to consolidate the customer relation with little effort. Below is a list of strategically highly effective methods for creating these messages on email:

Kaufbestätigungs-Nachricht nach dem Verkauf

Subject: Welcome to the Flock

Allbirds: The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes

Insecurity is a conversion killer. Allbirds shows right from the start who they are, what they stand for and why the brand stands not only for emotional comfort but also for comfort in terms of values.Authentic, vibrant and with a matching GIF, Allbirds creates an impressive brand identity with a pleasant community feeling. This results in a subconscious emotional bond with the brand.

The goal is to occupy a central part in the brain with your own brand and thus to stage the brand as personality and story. (Brain View, Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel) 

Upsell (after the first sale) using the example of Hollister Co.

Subject: Sometimes “thank you” isn’t enough.

Hollister skillfully sets the stage with a contrasting, atmospheric background: adventure, experiences, surfer style, this is pure recognition value.

Discounts have become standard and there are customers who are really addicted to shopping with or even exclusively with discounts. That’s why they are effective & almost indispensable.

Promotional message (GUESS)

Subject: You are going to LOVE these

GUESS stands for wonder, passion and freedom. Through the striking colors and nature, this feeling is brought to the recipient. Direct Call to Actions ensure less friction points.

Back in Stock by UNIQLO

We brought it back in stock for you 

Less is often more. Personal subject matter with a direct approach, followed by an attention-grabbing creative, intuitive call to action, followed by a little bit of informal scarcity.

But why is this image attention-grabbing? In today’s advertisements you often see product images in full screen. But by adding a padding to the image, it automatically comes into our focus. Extraordinary can be so simple.

PS: This is a good way to make Facebook, Instagram Ads & Co. stand out.

This is also an effective method for building email and messenger lists: Inform the customer, who is already browsing the online store anyway, about goods that are not in stock. For example: “Some goods are sold out. Sign up here to get an update when they’re back.” [Enter email address or cell phone number]

Unsold items in shopping cart / viewed items 

Only 1 left! An item you love is almost gone

Wayfair – Buy furniture, lamps and accessories online

Often the reasons why customers leave an item in the shopping cart or even cancel the checkout are trivial. Even a ringing telephone can draw attention to something else.

It’s a pity if the purchase is then made in another furniture store. The shopping experience can easily be continued, with Free Shipping, which must be emphasized and be there!

Loyalty programs and rewards


Matching the slogan, this mail fits the brand identity of PerriconeMD and looks elegant and scientific.

The customers who have the highest LTV (Lifetime Value) deserve a better, personalized service that confirms their choice to be your customer. Likewise, when segmenting target groups in advertisements, you need to be careful to give this valuable group of customers – the VIP’s – a special place.

The Pareto principle also applies here: The best 20% of customers account for 80% of sales. Spend where it pays off most.

Win-back campaign by GUESS

25$ Off Because It’s Been Too Long

“We’re better together”: The personal bond is already strengthened in the subject. There is also a time-limited discount and personalized suggestions. This ensures a smoother experience.

Customer opinion request for marketing purposes at Clarins

You could win a $500 gift card!

Reviews and customer opinions are hard to get.
But there are many good, almost irresistible reasons to review. These opinions are very valuable and can lead to highly profitable optimizations in campaigns.

Stylish use of customer reviews and opinions

The Reviews are in! 🐚 SPECTRUM

A stylish implementation and clear call to actions for more sales: always give customers a choice. They will usually choose the option in the middle as the price increases from option to option.

With a holistic marketing approach using social media ads such as Facebook and Instagram, email marketing can generate up to 40% of total revenue. This is because the target group can be addressed cost-effectively. Furthermore, email marketing is a good method to acclimatize customers to VIP’s in addition to advertising campaigns. Those customers leave multiple times more at your eCommerce Store.

Give expensively acquired, high quality customers the space they deserve.

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