End-to-End Customer Experience: How to build the customer relationship (Part 1/3)

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Loyalty of Customers

For a brand, creating an end-to-end customer experience means first and foremost gaining the trust and loyalty of customers. But why is it so important to build brand loyalty?

It is known that it is on average about five times more expensive to bring a new customer to the initial purchase than to sell another product to an existing customer. This makes it understandable that building loyalty and simultaneously growing the customer base is of great relevance for brands.

Loyalty is more than just running loyalty programs. In order to build a lasting relationship with a new customer, we consider it appropriate to invest in 3 pillars:

Distinct Customer Knowledge

What do your customers want? What are their needs?

To strengthen consumer loyalty, it is important to know them well. This can be done through continuous market research. Do not forget the basics of a marketing approach: Segmentation and Targeting.

Continuous market research broadens the perception of the market and leads to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that influence the buying process. Excellent customer knowledge means being able to respond precisely to expressed expectations and subconscious needs: an essential source of satisfaction.

Engagement in successful and reliable Customer Relations

The second pillar is customer relationship management, an important part of a company’s commitment to its buyers.

The goal is to develop strategies tailored to the buying behavior in order to maximize the personalized relationship and consequently provide each customer with a customized customer experience. A value that is provided in particular by providing personalized, reliable and affordable products.

Treat the customer as if they were unique. From the very first contact, he should feel that he is someone “special” and not just another customer. You need a 360 degree view of the relationship, allowing for better control while gaining knowledge about the customer’s entire life cycle.

Cross-Channel Consistency

The diversity of marketing channels, especially digital ones, makes it necessary to coordinate the different channels. Email marketing, mobile, social media, etc. implies dynamic coordination to deliver coherent messages. In this way, you can ensure that everyone finds a personalized place of well-being in the customer experience while creating a front-row seat in the memories of your customers.

It is easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than to win new ones. For these reasons, increasing satisfaction and the associated brand loyalty is an important issue for all companies.

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