Facebook Video Ads: 7 Proven Approaches to Success

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The First Second of an Ad on Facebook

Each advertising environment has its own characteristics. Likewise, advertising on Facebook and its networks has its own special, platform-specific characteristics that must be recognized and taken into account in order for advertising campaigns to be successful.

A characteristic of Facebook and Instagram as social media networks and therefore push-marketing channels is the flood of impressions that come towards you through the thousands of videos and interaction possibilities.
Attractive and eye-catching videos that stimulate the brain’s reward center. And among them must be advertisements that are just as attractive, enjoyable and exciting. It must make you stop and, unlike TV commercials, get to the point quickly.

In short: the first second is the small, but still the biggest chance to catch the attention of the user.

The average attention span for a Facebook post is about 1.7 seconds

Give the first second the place it deserves. 7 methods are described here, concisely and practically:

1. Striking effects at the beginning of an advertising video

Visual effects that surprise have great importance when it comes to preventing users from scrolling further on the social networks.

An example for this are 3D elements that appear unexpected. For example in this Ad of HelloBody:

2. Give the user a “stimulus” to act

On the one hand, this can be done through interactive advertisements. The advertising platform Facebook offers a possibility with “Playable Ads”. On the other hand, this can include short and incomplete insights into the landing page, which can serve as a “teaser”.

3. User Generated Content / Testimonials

Include ways in your customer journey that lead to buyers of your products recording their own videos that you can use for advertisements. This can be done through incentives like discounts on the following orders or free product offerings.

This content can be used very effectively in advertising right from the start and immediately attracts attention. In addition, customer videos increase trust in your brand. The Returns on Adspend are therefore considerably high.
Be careful though that you do not become too pushy with this type of advertising.

An example are influencer posts and videos, as ASOS embeds them in advertisements.

4. Black frame around the advertising video

In order to stand out from the first second, exceptional visual features are crucial. For example, a black frame in the Facebook feed can stand out, since most videos are full screen and black is not a typical color of the Facebook UI.

5. Approaching by a bold statement or question at the beginning

An initial, direct approach of the user with a suitable question or statement will draw his attention to the advertisement. To make sure he reads it, bold and large fonts have proven to be very effective during the first second.

Discounts are essential and some users depend on them. That’s why an eye-catching and good offer is a good reason to take a closer look at an advertisement. Advice: These discounts work even better with a time limitation – ideally displayed visually.

7. Social Proof

Man is a herd animal. Create authority with social proof, such as publications and recommendations from well-known magazines. Customers’ purchase decisions are made emotionally and then justified. Buyers associate familiar names with safety and your brand gains a trust advantage. It is best to design the recommendations with logos, as Motionarray does below, and a statement about your brand.

«In the online World, social proof may be more important than the truth.»

Mark Schaefer
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