Online stores have a growth problem

The dynamic buying behavior of users is constantly evolving, which places demands on existing strategies to react dynamically in order to remain relevant and ensure growth.

We often notice that advertising campaigns on Facebook and its networks are still strictly planned according to the waterfall model.
The platform itself is treated as a conventional advertising medium, which no longer works with constantly rising advertising prices.

In order to ensure growth, repeatable systems and strategies are needed that can adapt dynamically to the market.

How we solve the problem

At Syed Media, the foundation behind any online store scaling is the evaluation of your goals and metrics related to advertising on Facebook and its networks.
The project feasibility and the chances of optimizing your previous advertising activities must be examined in order to create predictability. This is how we create the beginning of long-term win-win cooperations.
We implement our growth strategies using our repeatable full-funnel approach, which considers the complete customer lifecycle.
By taking a holistic view of all touchpoints from initial contact to customer retention, we create an end-to-end customer experience and the associated increase in customer lifetime value is ensured.
Media Buying
When buying advertising space on Facebook and its networks, we rely on a fast iterative procedure, as with all our processes. Our repeatable process helps you achieve sustainable growth.
In order to be able to react to today's market dynamics and rapid technological innovations, the company's own systems must be adapted to them. We can establish this aspect for you in Media Buying.
Through dynamic-robust growth strategies we set new standards for online stores in today's eCommerce market.

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